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The Switch Workshop returns on July 24-26, 2020!

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What is "Ambidancetrous?"

In swing dancing we typically teach people to dance one of two roles: Leader or Follower. Being ambidancetrous means knowing how to dance both roles! Some people who are ambidancetrous also enjoy switch dancing, where they fluidly swap roles with their partner in a single dance. The Switch is a Lindy Hop workshop event held in San Francisco, California that celebrates breaking down gender boundaries in dance and emphasizing a space where everyone can freely choose which role or roles they want to dance.

What to expect at The Switch


Three nights of dancing with live music

Role marker buttons for every attendee to use during the dances


Classes to learn and master your second role

Ambi classes for those who already know both


A welcoming and friendly community of people who cherish diversity and love ambidancing


Annual panel topic relating to gender, ambidancing, or switch dancing

Competitions that showcase dancers doing both roles

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