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"Would you like to Lead, Follow, or Switch?"
An annual Lindy Hop Weekend in San Francisco, CA
On pause, but we will eventually
make our way back!!

Ambi Classes for

Every Level

In past iterations of The Switch, we've featured multiple levels of classes that required students to both lead AND follow!

Only know one role? We also had a special track for getting a crash course in a new dance role by utilizing your existing skills!

Dances to Remember

Dances at The Switch featured three nights of live music!

Dancing both roles is completely optional: Role marker buttons identify which role or roles you currently want to dance in!

See you soon!

We love the friendly and loving community that The Switch has fostered.

We're on pause right now, and we're not sure exactly when we'll be back, but we haven't disbanded! The Switch will return!

-The Switch Organizers

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