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Three Ambi Tracks

This year at the Switch, we're offering three levels of workshop classes based on your experience in dancing both roles. All workshop classes will be "ambidancetrous," meaning you will be leading for some portion of the class and following for some portion of the class. If you don't know how to dance both roles, look down below for the "New Ambi Crash Course!"


To determine which track you'll be placed in, you will fill out a questionnaire after registering for a Full Weekend pass. During the first class on Saturday, there will also be a Level-Check process where students may be moved to a different track.

Here's what students in each track might look like:

Learning Ambidancer Track - You have a bit of experience dancing both roles. You're probably much stronger in one role than the other, but you at least know the fundamentals of your secondary role. You may have taken some beginner classes in your secondary role and you know how to do a swingout, some 6-count patterns, and some charleston in that role. At social dances, you only dance your secondary role occasionally, or only for half a song at a time, and only if the song is slow enough. You're interested in using your knowledge in your primary role to help you learn new moves and variations in your secondary role even faster.

Intermediate Ambidancer Track - You feel comfortable social dancing in both roles. You might be stronger in one role than the other, but you can definitely hold your own in either one. You can dance either role and feel confident swinging out to mid-tempo songs, adding variations and stylings to your moves, and beginning to incorporate musicality. At social dances, you're comfortable being asked to dance either role and can confidently dance the entire song in that role, even if the music isn't slow. You're interested expanding your vocabulary in both roles and improving your fundamentals in ways that aren't role-specific.

Experienced Ambidancer Track - You feel very comfortable social dancing in both roles. You might be stronger in one role than the other, but that doesn't mean you haven't taken classes and worked on your secondary role. As a more advanced dancer (either in one role or both), you know how to move your body to fast and slow music, listen to the song for musical cues, and string patterns together without having to think too much. And those skills are translated between both roles for you. At social dances, you're confident in dancing either role, and to a variety of tempos. You're interested in taking your dancing to the next level and learning about new perspectives that come from being experienced in dancing both roles.

New Ambi Crash Course

The New Ambidancer Crash Course is a 2 hour set of classes on Saturday that will get you from zero to ready-to-social-dance in the dance role that you haven't learned yet. These classes will focus on taking the vocabulary and moves you already know and translating them over to learn a new role at an accelerated pace.

You should already have beginner level dance experience in your primary role to take this course.

The New Ambidancer Crash Course also includes all 3 nights of evening dances so you can practice your new dance role! Dancing both roles is completely optional, so don't worry that you won't know both roles yet for the Friday night dance.

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