Full Weekend Tracks

Intermediate Combo Track (Beg+/Int) [SOLD OUT!!]

Great for dancers who are interested ambi classes, but significantly stronger in one role than another. Some classes will Focus on your secondary role only, and some classes will be Ambidancetrous meaning you will switch between both roles. These classes will help you increase your fluency and learn new vocabulary in your secondary role by taking advantage of your knowledge and skills from your primary role. Students should be able to dance at a Beginner+/Intermediate level in their secondary role.


Experienced Ambi Track (Int/Adv) [SOLD OUT!!]

Great for dancers who want to learn in both roles simultaneously. All classes will be ambidancetrous so that students can gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the material by learning it in both roles at once. Students should be capable of dancing in at least an Intermediate skill level in both roles. 

Experienced Focus Track (Int/Adv)

Great for dancers who want a deep dive on their secondary role. These classes will focus on a single role so that you can learn as much in that role as possible, and will use your knowledge and skills in your primary role to accelerate your learning. Students should be at an Intermediate skill level in the role they're learning.

Single-Day / Add-on Tracks

New Ambidancer Crash Course (Beg)

Saturday Only

If you only know one role and want to learn the other role, this 3 hour class set is perfect for you. These classes will use your preexisting dance skills from your primary role to teach you all the basics you need for taking your secondary role to the dance floor in just one day. Purchasing this track includes access to all evening dances for the weekend.


Ambidancetrous Masters Classes (Adv)

Sunday Only - Audition Required - Can be added on to a Full Weekend Track

This 3 hour set of ambi classes is for dancers who are at an advanced level in both leading and following. These classes can be taken as part of a full-weekend pass at no extra cost (they will replace your Sunday classes), or can be purchased as a stand-alone class set. Purchasing this track as a stand-alone class set also includes 3 hours of elective classes as well as access to all evening dances for the weekend.

To take these classes, you must submit a video audition and be accepted. Email two videos of you dancing to 160+ BPM music in both roles (one video as a leader, one video as a follower, or both videos as a switch dancer) to theswitchworkshop@gmail.com by July 1st, 2019 and include the following:​ Your name, The email you registered with, and What you're wearing in the audition video.

Not sure which Track to take? Try taking our Track Placement Quiz! It will recommend a track to you based on your answers, though you can still make your own final decision about which track you want to take.

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